Three Books In…

Thanks for checking out my author page. I’m excited to have one…finally. It’s been a long haul for me. Two (self- published) books behind me and my third, Atlantis Rising, has been born in hardcover. I’m still pinching myself.

I’ve been writing stories in one form or another since I was about twelve. I was a daydreamer anyway, so putting stories on paper was pretty simple. Then too, there wasn’t much else to do in the small town where I grew up. The total population was about 800 including men, women, children and cows. Out of boredom, I read as many books as I could from our town library, which was remarkably well stocked for such a small space. I didn’t always read literature, though there is a lot of that in the vaults of my memory. I loved mystery and spy books best. Once in while, I’d sneak in a Harlequin Romance or two. My mom would have killed me had she known.

After high school, I moved to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah. I fell in love with the first class I took, Anthropology 101. I declared it my major the next day.

Now I’m the mother of four daughters. Two of whom are teenagers…the drama, the drama. When I’m not running them to soccer, volleyball or swimming, I’m writing, reading or fan-girling over some television show.

So, yeah…that’s me in four paragraphs! I hope you love Atlantis Rising, and just to let you know…there is a second book coming next year. Happy reading!


  1. HI Gloria!! I’ve been trying to find your FB page by clicking on the FB Icon you have available, but it just keeps taking me to my FB page. Can you please send me the link to your FB page? Also, do you have an email subscription for updates or new releases? If so I would love to subscribe to it.
    I’m really looking forward to reading your books, both published, & in the works!! Thank you so much!! Have a GREAT day/evening, & HAPPY reading/writing/blogging!!!~~Sherry~~

    • Gloria Craw says: - reply

      Hi Sherry,
      Thank you for letting me know about the problem with my facebook link. I’ll have my web. manager fix it. The link to my page is .I don’t have an email subscription yet, but I’m hoping to have one soon. I’ll try to respond to your post again when I have it worked out. Thank so much for your interest!

  2. Jada says: - reply

    Hi Gloria this is Jada I read your book I love it I was
    Wondering if you were thinking of writing a Second one.
    Because I loved the first on hope you have a great day

    • Gloria Craw says: - reply

      Hi Jada. Thanks for contacting me. I just finished writing the second book. My publisher will release it early in January next year. I’m on to writing the third now. I’m so happy you liked it!

  3. Jada says: - reply

    Oh wow I am very happy and thank you

  4. Jada says: - reply

    Sorry to bother you but I have some qestions like how many books do you think will make? And do you know any other books like yours I have to read something through the year until
    The second on comes out? And does Alison likeness with lan?

    • Gloria Craw says: - reply

      Hi Jada. It’s no bother. Right now there are three books planned in the Atlantis Rising series. I’m really excited about the how the story progresses. I’d love to tell you if Alison and Ian likeness, but if I did, my publisher would be pretty mad at me. Just keep reading and find out. I think you’ll be pleased. As far as other books go, I like the Crossed Series by Ally Condie. There’s a new book out called The Book of Ivy too. They’re different in that they don’t happen in present day, but I think there are some good similarities between them and my book. I also loved the Percy Jackson series, but you may be too old for that. I’m not sure if you’re interested, but I thought I’d let you know someone started a fan page on Instragram for Atlantis Rising. It’s called the_first_riser. You can check it out if you’d like. Thanks for contacting me and giving me some questions to think about.

  5. Jada says: - reply

    Thank you very much I will check out all the books and look on Instagram for your page thank you very much I appreciate it.

  6. Gabi says: - reply

    Sorry to read other peoples comments but do you know the date for the next book I know you said early January but is it going to be the first or what? I would love you talk sometime.


    • Gloria Craw says: - reply

      Hi Gabi,
      I was told the release date was January 18th, but it could fluctuate a few weeks in either direction depending on other releases within the company. It should be around that time, though:) Feel free to drop me a line anytime!

  7. Lynn says: - reply

    Hallo Mrs. Craw –
    The other day, I walked into first period English class, and the first thing my fangirl friend did was dump your first book in my lap. My friend had been talking about it for at least a week, because she was in the midst of reading your second book, and she was in complete disbelief that I had not read Atlantis Rising. I was a little dubious, I’ll admit, but when I read it, I immediately warmed up to and fell in love with all of the characters, even if I wanted to slap Alison a few times for killing the romantic moments with Ian. I really hope they likeness, and I hope and pray you will not pull a love triangle on me. I almost always hate them. :'( But I have been freaking out over your book with my friend for the past few days. =D But yeah, after reading your wonderful book, I was wondering if you had any writing tips for me? I’m a bit of a writer, and your book is extremely well phrased and written, it made me a little jealous that you can string your words together so nicely and fluidly. I struggle with describing things, like objects and places. I always make the simplest things sound complicated when I try to describe them. Any tips?
    P.S. Sorry for the short novel there. 😉

    • Gloria Craw says: - reply

      Wow, I just found this message, and its been a year since you sent it! I’m so sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Thank you for your kind words and I’m thrilled you like the series!

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