Character Profile for Alison McKye


Name: Alison McKye

Clan: Laurel
Joining: Thoughtmaker

Age: 17
From: Las Vegas, Nevada

Likes: Books, her car, worn Jeans, XBox and Imagine Dragons.

Dislikes: Her mother’s cooking, eye shadow, and public speaking.

About Alison:
She just found out she’s a descendant of Atlantis, and that she has the supernatural ability to implant thoughts into the minds of humans. As a thoughtmaker, she is valuable to a very powerful man who want to control her power. She hides in plain site in order to protect the human family who adopted her. She is increasingly attracted to her friend, Ian, but because she was abandoned as a child, she has difficulty trusting people.

Alison is incredibly powerful, she learns on the fly and never backs down from a challenge.


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