Creativity and Insomnia, or naw

It’s really late, and I shouldn’t be starting a blog right now. But I can feel it coming, the dreaded mind whirl. Like the turning of a hamster wheel, the whirl could go on for hours. So, why not do something mildly productive for awhile. Then I’ll switch the TV to QVC and fantasize about  buying some hideous jewelry or exercise equipment I’ll never use.

I’ve come to accept mind whirls as part of my existence. I even appreciate them sometimes. I can get a lot of great ideas and motivation from the good ones. Unfortunately, most of them consists of really stupid stuff, like reliving feeding my in-law’s turtles. Then it could switch to thinking about the Tour de France, and I’ll lament that fact that my favorite team, Garmin Sharp, totally sucks this year. (They rarely fail to disappoint me, but I’m fiercely loyal none-the-less). It might pick up speed when I remember something I said to someone at the grocery store. I’ll wonder why I’m the only one in my family that got the ridiculous gene. Then I can replaying my to-do list over and over until the hamster wheel feels like it’s coming away from the side of the cage.

At this juncture, I’ll want to vomit from motion sickness, but I won’t. No, that would be too simple. Instead, I’ll roll over and imagine fuzzy little sheep, gliding over a white picket fence that doesn’t really exist. When that fails to do anything but frustrate me, I’ll imagine those sheep landing on their heads.



I’ve talked to a lot of people, including some doctors, about my insomnia. I’ve been given a boatload of advice, like do some yoga, listen to soothing music, eat turkey. Or take these pills, and if you eat an entire bottle of mayonnaise or wake up in a hotel room in Oregon, at least you were mostly asleep while you did it. I don’t ask for advise anymore because I usually end up wanting to slap the people who give it.

So, thanks for being my shoulder to complain on at 11:48 tonight. I hope you’re all having wonderful dreams in your wonderful sleep. I hope you all wake up wonderfully well-rested and energetic. But don’t tell me about it if you do, ‘cuz I may hit you with something.

Just kidding…well…sort of.



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