Self-Actualize like Oprah

I was thinking last night, as I lay on the couch in an insomniatic state, that I worry too much. I know I’m not supposed to worry. I know it is a counter-productive waste of mental energy to worry. I’ve read many wonderful books about living in the present and obliterating the word “worry” from my vocabulary. But why is it so hard to put these philosophies into permanent practice in my life?

Maybe it’s difficult because I’ve got four daughters and two of them are going to need braces soon. Maybe it’s hard because one of them has just discovered that brand names matter. Or maybe it’s because my car is making funny noises and so is the refrigerator. Then again, perhaps there’s just be too much Puritan in my ancestral blood. After all, nothing goes better with worry than self flagellation with guilt. Whatever the reason for my mental imperfections, the fact is that I haven’t self-actualized like Oprah yet.

Having read that gratitude is the great equalizer of worry, I am determined to be thankful and banish the worries that cling to corners of my mind like spiderwebs. So begins my list.

I am thankful for the warmth of a shower in the morning. I am thankful for food in the cupboard. I am thankful for to-do lists. I am thankful for good music. I am thankful for the four little girls, with way too much hair, that wake up looking like tumbleweeds in the morning. I am thankful to  be loved. I am thankful to be a registered voter. I am thankful for my personal relationship with God. I am thankful to see my own weaknesses, so I can work on them. I am thankful for my strengths.

Yes, I have much to be thankful for in my life. But just so we’re clear, I’m not against winning the Lottery. Maybe then my worrying habit would vanish, and I could self-actualize like Oprah.


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