10 Things about the Author of Atlantis Quest.

  1. My favorite TV show is Grimm.
  2. I have desk-a-phobia, so I usually write sitting on my bed.
  3. My favorite snack is McDonald’s french fries with ranch dressing poured over the top.
  4. I enjoy embarrassing my kids by dancing in front of their friends.
  5. I competed in a beauty pageant when I was nineteen. It scarred me for life.
  6. My guilty pleasure is watching Nadalind and Olicity fanvids on youtube.
  7. I love Justin Bieber’s new album as much as my daughters do.
  8. There were no stop lights in the town I grew up in.
  9. I’ve always wanted to work with the FBI.
  10. I love Regency Romance novels.


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