About Me


Thank you for checking out my page. These are the important things to know about me.

  1. My favorite TV show is Grimm (I ship Nick and Adalind).
  2. I love McDonalds French Fries dipped in ranch dressing.
  3. I generally write while sitting on the sofa or on my bed (I have desk-a-phobia).
  4. Growing up, I loved Mystery novels.
  5. I’ve always kind of wanted to work for the FBI.
  6. I haven’t been to Italy but I really want to go.
  7. My guilty pleasure is watching Olicity and Nadalind fan videos on youtube.
  8. I have a dog named Timber.
  9. I like Justin Bieber as much as my daughters do.
  10. When no one is around, I like to drive too fast.

Thanks again for checking in. There are more great stories coming your way!